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New England Executive R
esources Council

The Mission
The New England Executive Resources Council was formed in December 1996 by a small group of human resource executives, executive resources professionals, and retained search executives who share a common desire to meet as peers and present ideas, interests, and opinions. The NEERC is unique in its organization structure and its goals, and as a result, over the past decade it has spawned a professional camaraderie equal to none.

The Meetings
The Council meets on a quarterly basis for breakfast at the Doubletree Hotel, Waltham, MA. A founding member usually hosts the event. The host makes the arrangements and sets the theme for the meeting. There is always a guest speaker who presents on his/her expertise. A fun raffle is standard fare.

Members are encouraged to bring guests to meetings whom they believe could add perspective or dynamism to the group’s objectives.

In addition to the “formal” meetings, the Council has an annual golf tournament at The International Golf Club.

There are no elected leaders of the Council. Direction is provided through consensus of the founders. Straube Associates has been designated as the responsible party for the logistics of the meetings.

A natural outgrowth of these peer meetings is open, honest, and timely communication on social, professional, and business levels. Members get answers and perspectives they otherwise might not have had access or exposure to in standard industry groups.

Read notes from our previous meetings:

Founding Members

Don Batsford, Ben Beaver, Doug Cooney, Paul Costello,
Marcy Fawcett, Jim Gilreath, Dennis Hatch, Bob Hetzel,
Jim Lane, Al McCarthy, Ed O’Brien, Bob Partridge, Stan Straube
and Elaine Varelas

Professional Excellence Award
The Council annually presents an Award for Professional Excellence to a member they regard as having contributed significantly to the growth and development of the human resource/executive search/executive resources professions.

  • 1997 Recipient - J. Paul Costello, Founder & President of the Corporate Staffing Center, Inc.
  • 1998 Recipient - Stanley H. Straube, Founder & President of Straube Associates/Executive Search
  • 1999 Recipient - Robert Kleven, Founder & President of Kleven Grays/Executive Search & HR Consulting
  • 2000 Recipient - Irving Sands, Founder & President of Irving Sands Recruiting Consultants
  • 2001 Recipient - Frank McCarthy, Founder & former CEO of Xavier Associates, and Founder of Diverse Workplace
  • 2003 Recipient - Joanne Warren, President of Warren Associates
  • 2005 Recipient – James Gilreath, Founder and President, Gilreath Executive Search
  • 2009 Recipient - Elaine Varelas, Founder and Managing Partner, Keystone Partners

Previous Meetings

Speaker Topic
Lisa Zankman & John McMahon

 “HR’s View from the Top”

Elaine Varelas The "Job Doc" Shares her Economic Prognosis
Bob Davis “Discovering Financial Synergy”
Joe Maglitta “State-of-the-Art Technology in Data, Voice & Communications”
Arthur Canter “Boston Hotels: The Lowdown on What’s Going Up”
Lars Perkins “Internet Recruiting”
Frances Moseley “Solving Diversity Staffing & Retention Issues in the New Millennium”
Charlie Anderson “Life Under Web Time”
David Lord “Recruiting & Retention in the 2001 Economy”
Nancy Stephens “Business Development in Trying Times”
Jonathan Pond “Your Financial Road Map”
Billy Sheehan “The Relationship of Fitness with Success”
James Ayraud “Sales: The Road to a Better Economy”
Ross Kerber “The Outlook for the Defense & Technology Industries in Mass”
Panel “The Future of Executive Resources: Search, Outplacement, Coaching”
Panel “The Issues Associated with Staffing in the Far East”
Andy Fligor “Private Equity & Venture Capital Industry Overview”
Diane Darling “LinkedIn: Effective Networking Tool or Ploy to Expose Everyone You Know?”
Panel “Massachusetts Economy / 2006 – Fueling Employment & Business Opportunities”
Stan Straube “Golf…the Game of Business”
Glenn Gutmacher “Internet Research at Lightspeed”
David Corbett "New, Meaningful Alternatives to Full Retirement"
Dave Opton "Executive Landscape 2007"
Michael O'Hara "Harvard's Impact on the Massachusetts Economy"
Michael Manning "Intellectual Property" & its role in Corporate & University Strategic Research Development"
John Arnold "Mastering Email Marketing"
Victoria Godfrey  "Changing the Downturn into an Upturn”
Panel "Survival Strategies for the Year of the Ox"   
Sean Kenney  "Branding the Person and/or the Business"
Billy Sheehan “Getting in Shape for the “RECOVERY”
Michael Noble & Steve Maxwell "The Future of Executive Resources: 
Search, Outplacement & Coaching"
Gordon Curtis Discussion of new book, Well Connected
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