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Straube Associates has continually been recognized in the Boston Business Journal as one of the Top 25 Executive Search firms in the Boston area.

The Resume Should...

  1. Look professional, “Image is everything”!
  2. Be grammatically correct, no misspelled words.
  3. Have “eye appeal”, neat & easy to read.
  4. Contain accurate data/dates, titles, responsibilities and accomplishments.
  5. Have appropriate contact information, telephone, email and home address.
  6. Standout from the ordinary/include your logo, different colored paper, maybe an “attractive” headshot.
  7. Utilize different fonts for emphasis/special features.
  8. Reflect your personality, including hobbies, activities, and interests.
  9. Be limited to one or two pages (readers have a short attention span).
  10. Be periodically reviewed and updated.









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