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Straube Associates has continually been recognized in the Boston Business Journal as one of the Top 25 Executive Search firms in the Boston area.

We are culture specialists. We take the time to get to know the client from the inside and become an extension of the organization. We tailor the search to the client's needs. Most importantly, our search completion rate for all searches during the last twenty years is 97%, guaranteeing success.

Through the methods of targeted search, we provide a carefully determined search strategy, involving full coverage of a pre-determined candidate universe. The full range of consulting assistance includes:

  • Position description
  • Specific candidate recommendations
  • Target company research lists (based upon personal interviews and evaluations)
  • Strategy consultation on an on-going basis
  • Reference checking
  • Organizational structure recommendations
  • Psychological assessment (upon request)
  • Compensation survey results
  • Assistance in candidate negotiations

Our Personal Approach:
We pride ourselves on our personal approach and attentiveness to the client company’s needs and expectations in finding the right employee. Meeting a company’s expectations requires a perceptive awareness of both the company’s and the candidate’s individual and professional style. We believe that the most successful results come from looking for and evaluating not only the person beyond the resume, but the company’s personality and corporate culture beyond the position as well.

We at Straube Associates believe that professionalism rests on personal qualities such as commitment and integrity. We combine our experience in operations, engineering, sales management and human resources management with our ability to form strong and trusting relationships with the people we serve. This approach enables us to find a person who will not only fill your position, but who will also enjoy working for your company and will flourish in your corporate environment.

Our Social Commitment:
To demonstrate Straube Associates’ commitment to social issues as well as business practices, it is our policy to donate $1,000.00 (deducted from our fee) to Children’s Hospital Boston or a charity of the client’s choice. At the successful conclusion of a search, a check for $1,000.00 is mailed to the designated charity or foundation. Again, the intent of the donation is to focus on our community responsibilities.

Our Search Process:
Our search process begins with an in-depth meeting with you the client, in which we make a special effort to get to know your business, its mission and goals, your management style and your human resources strategy. We go beyond the job description and the educational and professional qualifications and ask you to describe the person you want—how that person should work, interrelate and fit into your organization and culture.

After discussing the assignment, we conduct a database search, penetrate target organizations, and then interview the most promising candidates. We rely on our professional assessment skills in fully evaluating candidates. When we feel confident that we have found qualified candidates, we arrange a meeting with you. If you are interested in the candidates, we then conduct reference checks, and when you are ready to present an offer, we help negotiate the compensation package.

Our involvement does not end when the candidate starts working. We maintain contact with both you and the candidate for at least a year to ensure complete satisfaction.

Our Process
Search Timetable: Four Stage Process

Stage One: Week One - CONSULTATION

  • Meet with key managers
  • Construct job description for approval
  • Target companies and appropriate executive levels

Stage Two: Weeks 2-6 - RESEARCH/RECRUITING

  • Telephone-screen target candidates
  • Qualify sourced candidates
  • Select candidates to be interviewed

Stage Three: Weeks 6-9 – CLIENT INTERVIEWS

  • Interview most qualified candidates
  • Submit evaluation reports to client
  • Present top candidates to client

Stage Four: Week 9-12 - FINALIZING

  • Review compensation strategy with client
  • Assist in negotiation of hiring package
  • Secure placement of final candidate
  • Submit summary report to client
  • Monitor placed candidate

What Makes Us Successful?
MISSION: Our mission is to be flexible to our client’s needs and to provide the highest quality service possible to attract and identify the most qualified candidates.

SIZE: We choose to remain a boutique firm in order to provide you with the highest quality service. As our client, you can enjoy a direct relationship with our principal, Stan Straube. We do not refer your search to an account manager. And because we limit the number of assignments we will work on at the same time, we can devote our full attention to your search. In addition, when we have a client outside our usual specialties, we bring in an associate to assist in the technical aspects.

RESPONSE TIME: We complete assignments faster than our competition. If you have a crisis, we will go to work immediately and mobilize a team of professionals who will begin working for you in twenty-four hours so that you can have a highly qualified professional working for you within thirty to forty-five days. We also have a faster than usual response time for everyday business: we promise to be accessible to our clients within the hour. And, if you need us, one or more of our principals are available twenty-four hours a day.

RESEARCH SUMMARY REPORT: Upon completion of our search, we provide each client with a professionally written summary report as well as providing regular status updates during the search. Straube Associates believes that you have the right to access this information, and we go to extra lengths to provide it.

TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT: Straube Associates has an on-going commitment to embracing the principles of Total Quality Management. These principles help us to determine the needs and expectations of our clients and allow us to service our clients in an efficient and cost effective manner. Naturally, these cost savings are passed on to you, the client.

ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE: We at Straube Associates are so confident that we will provide our clients with competent people who will perform well and enjoy their work that we offer a guarantee that meets or exceeds search industry standards. Should a person we have placed leave his or her position within a one-year period, we will find a replacement for expenses only. In thirteen years we have had only two situations for replacement.

WEST COAST OFFICE: This office supports our high-tech assignments on the West Coast and provides our clients with quick access and response time – without any time zone issues.

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: Stan Straube has served as International Board Member and Chairman of the Boston Chapter of the International Association of Corporate and Professional Resources (IACPR). He is also a member of the New England Environmental Business Council (NEEBC), New England Human Resources Association (NEHRA) and the MIT Enterprise Forum. Stan is a founding member of the New England Executive Resources Council (NEERC).

ETHICS: At Straube Associates, our personal ethics exceed the professional guidelines set by the NEERC. As a matter of principle, we apply our personal values to our profession.

RECRUITING DIVERSITY: We make a concerted effort in every search to recruit candidates of diverse backgrounds. To aid us in our commitment, we are affiliated with and have access to several of the most successful minority/female specialist recruiting firms in the United States.

INTERNATIONAL: Partnerships with international search firms provide us with the accessibility to assist our local clients on international search assignments. We coordinate the search process being conducted by our overseas partner. This partnership eliminates communications issues for our clients.

FEE SCHEDULE: Straube Associates works on a retainer basis, with the fee determined by the annualized compensation of the position. We bill one-third of the fee at the onset of the search, one-third after thirty days and the final third upon completion of the search. After the selected candidate has started with your firm, we adjust the final fee to reflect the actual compensation. We always seek client approval before incurring travel and other incidental expenses. We can adjust our fee arrangement to accommodate special assignments.

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